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Tex Napalm Vinyl


The title ‘DIONYSUS RISING’ should tell the direction – this is Tex at his most sleepless and haunted hours. Dark rock anthems in the sense of The Stooges, Chrome Cranks and Beasts Of Bourbon meet the gloomy & haunted ballads of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Voodoo-Blues that also fans of Tom Waits might dig. Though clearly in the tradition of deranged ‘the last man standing in the bar’-entertainers, Tex’ unique handwriting is all over the place; there’s a wicked sense of humour, his grimly & howling wolf voice, and a luciferian pleasure in the sounding of this allover. This is Napalm in the pure form -  despite the fact he’s playing all the instruments, writing & arranging the songs and even producing it, this is not your average  ‘just another home recording record’. It’s much more, and the proof is in the grooves.

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Vynil LP ONLY 11 tracks
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